Welcome to EHR / CHIME Ventures

Welcome to the Web site of the EHR application development group at CHIME.

Thank you for visiting. You may be here seeking more information on one or more of the following products (links to running examples of these are provided in the box to the right where possible):


An application for stroke prevention and the management of anticoagulant drugs. EHR/CHIME's longest standing application, extensively piloted in the hospital and community settings, now managed by Helicon Health.


A departmental application for the management of Dementia studies.


An application to record consent for, and accruals to, trials in Motor Neurone Disease.


An application to record consent for, and accruals to, trials in Dementia.


An application based on a clinically driven longitudinal electronic record for Mental Health supporting audit, research and high quality clinical care in old age memory clinics as well as electronic prescribing and dispensing of dementia drugs.


An application enabling athletes and coaches to be continuously provided with precise and relevant information about their body state and sprint performance, presented in a form based on a careful analysis of coaching methods and coaches' information needs.

Latest ISO EN 13606 Reference Schema

This is based upon work done at CHIME developing a slim-line data types set and ISO EN 13606 profile. It embodies our desire to minimise the size and complexity of the standard. A new technical revision of ISO EN 13606 is presently under discussion and this work will be an input to it.


A collaborative Web application that allows a user to construct "Pattern" models, which define constraints on information captured in Electronic Healthcare Records.

Dementia Tutorial

A training Web site for GPs and their primary health care team colleagues that was principally prepared as part of a study examining the benefits of printed and electronic training.


A scalable and widely applicable solution to the challenge of providing mobile patients with rapid and distributed access to evidence-based, personally tailored, medical advice in the management of chronic asthma, to complement and support the direct care management provided by their usual clinicians.